XTRA for Lions

XTRA for Lions is an NFT collection of 300 metaverse-ready headphones exclusively designed for the Lazy Lions.

Each NFT holder will be able to wear this headphone on their digital avatar in decentraland, sandbox and also claim the IRL (in-real-life) version at the time of forging event


* Minting of Xtra for Lions collection is complete now, you can checkout the collection on OpenSea.

Goods included in

What is XTRA?

We are building the future of fashion in the metaverse.

As we start to spend more of our time in metaverse, our digital identities will start becoming more important than our IRL identities. We at XTRA want to empower you and your digital avatars to flaunt your XTRAvagant personality in the metaverse. When there are no rules, and you can choose how you want to look; then why not be a little XTRA or maybe a lot.

About the project

We, the founders, started our NFT journey with Lazy Lions and credit most of our learnings to the moment when we bought our first Lion. ROAR!

When we started building a FASHION BRAND IN METAVERSE, 100s of LL holders commissioned us to make their Lion PFPs fashionable and gave the dopest shoutouts on twitter

XTRA for Lions is our way of doing something special for the world’s loudest NFT community as they prepare to enter the Metaverse.


Vibe across the Metaverse with the XTRA headphones, the coolest ever headphones that you can flex in Decentraland, Sandbox and also in real life (IRL). Whatever you do in the metaverse, do it while your avatar vibes with these headphones


We love the Lazy Lions community and you can only mint from this collection if you own a Lazy Lion

Phase 01

All allowlisted LHDP members mint the first 120 Lazy Edition headphones. Max 1 mint per wallet

Sold Out
Phase 02

All allowlisted Lazy Lion owners can mint the 180 King Edition headphones for 0.08 ETH + gas. Max 10 mints per wallet

Sold Out

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Mid 2022

Public Mint Ends for XTRA for Lions collection

Late 2022

All NFT owners claim their metaverse headphones in Decentraland and Sandbox

Forging Event to claim IRL headphones. FREE Claim for all NFT owners (no shipping charges)

Late 2022 - Early 2023

Surprise Metaverse Drops for all NFT owners

Exclusive Mint Pass for the next collection launch of other fashion wearables


Fully Doxxed team with 5 years experience of building consumer brands


Metaverse Stylist, Storyteller


NFT IRL, Builder